Classic Chypre by Estéban

Year: 2007

Notes: bergamot, basil, spices, rose, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, oakmoss

Comment: Classic Chypre is part of Les Chypres Collection

With a woody-aromatic opening, and an underlying foundation of vanilla and woods, Classic Chypre smells very similar to Montale's Boisé Vanillé upon first inspection. This is probably due its resinous and spicy disposition, resulting in more of a resemblance to an oriental than a chypré. But, with some patience, the florals and woods gradually reveal themselves before the composition blooms into what its name implies.

Of course, it lacks the complexity of the classic chyprés but one surely has to admire Estéban for releasing it. With a certain element of sweetness, Classic Chypre possesses good projection and longevity. It's also just as noteworthy as Modern Chypre, if not more.