Bois Plume by Estéban

Year: 2009

Notes: bergamot, cardamom, lavender, rose, iris, patchouli, cedar, Brazilian rosewood, cinnamon, sandalwood

Comment: Bois Plume is part of Les Boisés Collection

Bois Plume is a dry and dusty woody-floral, with a noticeable iris note. The woods are seamlessly blended and the floral accords provide an understated sweetness. The rose occasionally surfaces, while the rosewood emits a subtle berry-like aroma. With a soft sandalwood and cinnamon infused base, the drydown is slightly nutty.

Like many of Estéban's Eau de Toilettes, both sillage and longevity could have been more substantial. While it succeeds in evoking the aroma of sliced wood, it's a pleasant skin scent but, alas, nothing more.