Sideris by Maria Candida Gentile

Year: 2009

Notes: Corsican myrtle, white pepper, frankincense, saffron, Turkish rose, Ayrshire Splendens rose, cistus, Siamese benzoin, waxed woods, Javanese sandalwood

Comment: Sideris is part of the Classic Collection

"I smell the stars and the maquis of the Ligurian coast, while I am walking on a summer night between the sky and sea. I created this perfume with the last star of dawn in mind, inspired by a poem* by Cesare Pavese."

     ~ Maria Candida Gentile

Sideris is an amazing floral-oriental that seduces and beguiles with every wearing. It also encompasses certain qualities that most modern fragrances of this class fail to attain. With a profound and vivid floral richness, every single accord is masterfully interwoven into this extremely well-structured composition.

Commencing with some frankincense, the aromatic notes briskly introduce themselves before departing just as quickly, as an intoxicating amalgam of labdanum, saffron and rose surfaces. Both the clarity and fullness of the rose are astounding, as it forsakes the classic interpretation of such an accord and imbues a multifaceted and panoramic aroma instead. With a crimson honeyed sweetness consistently at the forefront, the benzoin adds a conservative jammy fruitiness that's slightly resinous.

Displaying a suave sandalwood and ambery drydown, it's a harmoniously powdery blend consisting of dark and sultry feminine nuances. Possessing excellent lasting power, its sillage is serene but still noticeable. Sideris is Maria's pièce de résistance, and one would even go so far as to view it as the photographic negative of Caron's Parfum Sacré (meaning less vanilla, spices and balsamic resins but with a more abundant serving of rose).

Simply put, it's a wonderfully pensive and romantic olfactory delight – further confirming that this up and coming niche house is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

* The poem referred to is entitled 'In The Morning You Always Come Back'.