Barry Lyndon by Maria Candida Gentile

Year: 2010

Notes: herbs, artemisia, heather, Stoechas lavender, sunflower, hay, leather, Haitian vetiver, Madagascan vanilla

Comment: Barry Lyndon is part of the Classic Collection

Inspired by the Stanley Kubrick film, 'The Luck of Barry Lyndon', Barry Lyndon is a sweet and creamy aromatic leather fragrance, with an emphasis on the animalic and powdery scents of the 18th century.

Beginning with herbaceous, leathery and desiccated accents, the accords are masterfully blended to evoke the aroma of a horse trampling through grass. Both the lavender and sunflower are restrained, but together serve as a complementary foil for the impending vetiver. Just like the rest of the composition, the transition is seamless and the vanillic sweetness is gracefully reserved.

As for the drydown, some unlisted woods are quite evident (particularly cedar). With a sawdust-like quality, the creamy woods become more peppery over time, with the vanilla still perfectly integrated. At times reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent's Body Kouros, this stage persists for a considerable period while exuding powdery hints of blond tobacco and aniseed.

Out of all the creations by Maria Candida Gentile, it's probably the most masculine while still retaining a unisex aura. However, one's only reservation is that it doesn't project that much. Regardless, it's beautifully composed and embodies all the qualities that one would expect from a quality niche house.