Ea by Sigilli

Year: unknown

Notes: quince, aquatic notes, water lily, daffodil, orchid, patchouli, musk
Allegedly inspired by the divinity of the waters of Mesopotamia (meaning 'between rivers' in Ancient Greek, and geographically corresponding to modern-day Iraq, north-eastern Syria, south-eastern Turkey and south-western Iran), releasing a second aquatic in a line of just over ten fragrances is really pushing it...

Unlike Tyrsenoi, there isn't anything redeeming about Ea – a mild floral bouquet set against both a peppery and synthetic mentholated backdrop. While the composition does possess a crystalline aura, pure in smell it most certainly isn't. A seaweed facet is also discernible but fails to enhance the aroma chemical onslaught.

Coming across as resolutely generic, with moderate lasting power and sillage, this artificial hodgepodge smells more like an aromatic household cleaning product than anything else.