Acqua di Cuba by Santa Maria Novella

Year: unknown

Notes: citrus, tobacco, leather, dry woods
Re-creating the sweet, creamy and aromatic olfactory nuances of a Cuban cigar box, Acqua di Cuba is a more masculine creation in comparison to Tabacco Toscano.

With a strong citrus-fuelled opening, the composition starts out quite intense before softening considerably over time. The tobacco possesses a subdued honey sweetness and, when interwoven with a well-integrated leather accord, they collectively accentuate a rich, moist and beautiful aura of elegance.

With linear progression and very good longevity, it should be noted that its noticeably bitter and musty drydown is best smelt from a short distance, as opposed to very near the actual points of application. Taking in account that skin chemistry is an inescapable factor, this may spoil the enjoyment of wearing it for some.

Regardless of this issue, one does admire it but much prefers the sensual delights of Tabacco Toscano.