Dew Musk by Montale

Year: unknown

Notes: pomegranate, orange blossom, ylang-ylang, patchouli, musk
Whether or not it's an unofficial note, Dew Musk possesses an unmistakeable berry-like accord that's rich, tart and yet never overwhelming (however, it could simply be due to the pomegranate melding with the florals). The rest of the notes are more in the background but remain detectable to a certain degree. The end result is a very well-blended feminine musk fragrance but nothing really groundbreaking.

Although Montale's musk creations have largely been disappointments, Dew Musk is one of their better musk offerings. However, due to its limited appeal, one would instead recommend Ginger Musk or Fruits of the Musk for a berry-musk fix, and Powder Flowers for a more interesting floral affair.