Black Musk by Montale

Year: 2010

Notes: saffron, nutmeg, black pepper, leather, teak, sandalwood, ambergris, musk
Black Musk has ecstatically been touted as being based on one of Montale's best-sellers, Black Aoud. While some may welcome a return to Montale's roots, after spending the last couple of years in the wilderness, one is a little sceptical about such motives as (from another perspective) this could further be seen as a calculating rehash of a classic creation, solely for the sake of extra profitability.

Personally, the opening is more similar to Aoud Lime as opposed to Black Aoud and, once the musk emerges, the composition suddenly careers downhill. The saffron has been noticeably reduced, in order to accommodate its musk-laden theme, while remaining reasonably evident. But when both the musk and saffron are fused with the leather, pepper and woods, the end result is something close to an aquatic version of Aoud Lime.

With a metallic-musk drydown, which eventually turns musty, Black Musk is simply a dumbed-down version of Aoud Lime – specifically catered for the masses and easily offended.