Aoud Damascus by Montale

Year: 2004

Notes: olibanum, Damascus rose, Arabian oud, gurjum balsam
With Aoud Roses Petals acting as a lighter and more feminine equivalent of Black Aoud, Aoud Damascus acts in very much a similar way for Aoud Lime. Once again, the focus isn't strictly on the oud and, like Aoud Roses Petals, the composition throws the spotlight on the rose instead.

There's also something special about the type of rose used. With the oud never threatening to intrude, the rose accord is vibrant, smooth and uplifting – never once is it too sweet, fruity, musty or metallic. The overall aroma is a mellow rose bouquet with a well-integrated (and yet light) base of oud and gurjum.

Unfortunately, there's a small price to pay for such exquisite beauty as, regardless of its virtues, it's also one of the tamest and short-lived Montale ouds (lasting approximately three to four hours). From a practical viewpoint, it isn't a fragrance one would personally invest in. However, it's a magnificent representation of rose that would probably last far better on fabric than on actual skin.