Royal Aoud by Montale

Year: unknown

Notes: grapefruit, kumquat, Indian spices, oud, andira wood
Unlike many of the Montale ouds, Royal Aoud is more of a genteel oud offering.

With a more prominent oud opening, its medicinal harshness is tempered by the sweet accompaniment of fruit and citrus accords. It doesn't go out of its way to greet you with an olfactory slap around the face (unlike, say, Aoud Lime) but, instead, takes some time to graduate from a gentle whisper to a more noticeable utterance. At some point, an unexpected hint of rose emerges, with an eventual drydown mainly consisting of woods and a powdery vanilla.

With average sillage and longevity, Royal Aoud is more refined and sophisticated than the majority of Montale's oud releases, offering yet another interesting perspective on the oud theme.