Velvet Flowers by Montale

Year: 2005

Notes: citrus, saffron, peach blossom, centifolia rose, ylang-ylang from the Comoro Islands, Lebanese jasmine, gurjum balsam, sandalwood
Velvet Flowers is closely related to Aoud Velvet but sans the presence of oud, vanilla and tonka bean (with the florals noticeably intensified). The opening is brighter and more zesty but, once the top notes subside, there's a little too much déjà vu about it for comfort.

If you found Aoud Velvet too dense and overbearing, or solely preferred its promising opening as opposed to the muddled drydown, Velvet Flowers may very well satisfy. However, although it's an improvement on Aoud Velvet, one can't help but conclude that it's simply a lazy rehash and nothing more.