Patchouly by Profumum

Year: 2004

Notes: frankincense, patchouli, amber, sandalwood
Profumum's Patchouly is a very potent fragrance, which successfully raises the bar for other patchouli offerings to surpass. Its opening is one that's both boozy and mentholated, before allowing the amber to accompany the composition closer to gourmand territory. It's not a clean or polite patchouli by any means but raw, dark, earthy and dense, with a touch of frankincense providing a resinous edge.

At first, its aroma is quite overwhelming. But, after a certain period of time, it settles down significantly to reveal a powdery, bitter and slightly musty drydown. As for the sandalwood, its presence is somewhat obscured but still remains vaguely discernible. Sadly, the muted drydown fails to live up to the promise of its rich and heady entrance but this is only a minor complaint.

With exceptional longevity and satisfying projection, it's an impressive release that successfully strives to offer more substance than its peers. It's not completely flawless but, as a hardcore patchouli scent, it's probably the closest thing to patchouli perfection.