CB Musk by CB I Hate Perfume

Year: 2006

Notes: Undisclosed

Comment: CB Musk is part of the CB Reinvention Series
Described as an all-natural rendition of Tonkin musk (even though the owner and perfumer, Christopher Brosius, has admitted to never having smelt the real thing), CB Musk is an interesting olfactory experiment that doesn't quite hit the mark.

Initially, one detects a soft and mellow butteriness, with some mellow fruity, woody and smoky components. To one's nose, there are certainly no overt faecal or barnyard attributes as anticipated (although, a vague animalic underlining is only discernible when hovering extremely close to the area of application). Overall, it's a relatively easy to wear and somewhat vanillic musk creation, with a slightly powdery drydown that reveals floral, rubbery and salty facets. But, as previously mentioned, there's nothing substantially animalic or raunchy about it.

With its release date being over ten years ago, it's probably been reformulated at least once and could explain one's grave disappointment with it. After all, stock photos of CB Musk show the juice as a darkish brown, while the sample one is basing this review on is more of a pale yellow hue. Based on this alone, one can only gather that what's available now isn't what CB I Hate Perfume's founder originally formulated.

Geared more towards those who are easily offended by hardcore feral aromas, sillage is minimal with longevity of around three to four hours.