Noontide Petals by Tauer Perfumes

Year: 2013

Notes: bergamot, aldehydes, Bourbon geranium, rose, ylang-ylang, jasmine, tuberose, iris, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, frankincense, styrax, sandalwood

Comment: Noontide Petals is part of the Classics Collection
In reference to "a glittering age of perfumery", Noontide Petals is an aldehydic-floral "with a modern twist". Yet, while it's easily recognisable as an Andy Tauer creation, it's for all the wrong reasons.

From his other line, Tableau de Parfums, Miriam is the only offering that would be worthy of being added to the Tauer Perfumes range. But that seems to be Noontide Petals' purpose, as it's essentially a reworked version of Tableau de Parfums' first release. And although the florals in Noontide Petals are fleshed out more, with a more interesting woody-incense base, it's almost impossible to ignore the similarities between the two.

Furthermore, traces of Incense Rosé and Une Rose Chyprée also present themselves, at certain periods in its evolution, as well as evidence of a candied floral heart that comes dangerously close to the crass sweetness of Une Rose Vermeille. And like some of the aforementioned fragrances, the rose in Noontide Petals is dubious at best, smelling soapy and somewhat artificial.

With an animated bergamot and aldehydic opening, there's very little vetiver evident beyond the floral core. But, as to be expected, Andy's powdery woody-vanillic signature drydown is very much discernible. As for its overall performance, one definitely isn't disappointed, as it provides more than adequate sillage and lingers for at least seven hours on the skin.

Over the last six years or so, one has been brutally disappointed by most of Andy's offerings, largely due to his constant need to revisit old themes or concepts with diminishing results. While some would argue that working with florals is Andy's main strength, one would like see him explore some uncharted territory.

One can only live in hope...