Gardenia by Tauer Perfumes

Year: 2014

Notes: spices, green notes, rose, jasmine, gardenia, tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood

Comment: Gardenia is part of the Sotto la Luna Collection
Another new Tauer Perfumes release, yet another new collection. One is now beginning to lose track...

Gardenia is the first release from Andy Tauer's Sotto la Luna Collection – a floral-based line inspired by "white flowers blooming under the moon". Unfortunately, it's anything but a serene gardenia creation.

It opens up with spices, aldehydic subtleties and earthy mushroom undertones. But, although there are notable white floral trimmings, any gardenia is largely overwhelmed by the other notes. As a result of the emission of a waxy green coconut aroma, the composition also smells unpleasant in a musty, metallic and synthetic manner – suggestive of advanced floral and vegetal decay. It's only when the powdery sandalwood-infused base blooms that things start getting back on track.

With an olfactory nod towards Tableau de Parfums' Loretta, Gardenia simply doesn't work very well. Projection is moderate but its staying power is very good.