Versilia Vintage – Boisé by Profumi del Forte

Year: 2009

Notes: bergamot, bitter orange, lavender, Bourbon geranium, honey, Indonesian patchouli, tonka bean, vetiver, Philippine elemi, Texan cedar

Comment: Boisé is part of the Versilia Vintage Collection

After releasing the superlative modern classic Ambra Mediterranea, one was obviously anticipating the second Versilia Vintage release to be equally astounding.

With Boisé, a luxurious woody extravaganza was one's obvious expectation. Regrettably, it's nothing more than a diplomatic cedar affair, with some frankincense and the remaining woody notes playing a very minor role. And while it isn't as screechy or synthetic as its less expensive peers, that's of very little consolation.

With ephemeral citrus and lavender top notes, plus a thin creamy undertone, it isn't as potent as its sibling and remains relatively banal throughout its lifespan. Although it will appeal more to cedar aficionados, its retail price is practically an insult for what it actually is.