Cendres de Thé by Phaedon

Year: 2011

Notes: smoky notes, cardamom, pepper, rose, spicy tea, myrrh, ho wood, cedar, musk
As if two fragrance brands weren't sufficient for Pierre Guillaume, the mastermind behind Huitième Art Parfums and Parfumerie Générale has launched another brand, named Phaedon (adapted from Plato's seventh dialogue about Socrates, 'Phaedo').

Marketed as Mediterranean inspired Eaux de Toilette, Cendres de Thé is interestingly one of only two Phaedon offerings authored by this ridiculously prolific Frenchman (the other being Dzhari). As for the composition itself, it's just a cardamom-infused version of L'Artisan's Tea for Two, with some generic earthy woods. In addition, its lasting power is disappointingly minuscule, with a bland drydown of mainly cedar and musk.

Based on the above, his creative endeavours echoes that of an artist exuding self-delusional promiscuity, rather than a restless perfumer who highly values quality control.