Sucre d'Ébène by Huitième Art Parfums

Year: 2010

Notes: witch-hazel, brown sugar, benzoin
Possessing a roasted sugary sweetness, Sucre d'Ébène is quite a dark gourmand that shares a vague parallel with Aomassaï by Parfumerie Générale. In other words, they are both variations of the crème brûlée theme. The witch-hazel provides a distinctive nuttiness, while ensuring that the sweetness doesn't become too cloying.

The overall aroma is both warm and soft, as the benzoin renders a resinous and vanillic backdrop. However, it's nothing groundbreaking and Pierre Guillaume has, more or less, explored this theme more than once. Still, it's a well-composed gourmand, with moderate sillage and very good longevity.