Myrrhiad by Huitième Art Parfums

Year: 2011

Notes: aniseed, liquorice, black tea, myrrh, almond, vanilla
Glancing at the listed notes, one wasn't really sure if Myrrhiad would appeal. But it does... just not in the way that one originally expected...

Regardless of the name, it's not a straightforward rendition of myrrh, but this note still plays an important role in the composition. As the vanilla and the milkiness of the almond intermingle with the other components, there's a dark and brooding balsamic undertone that simmers close to the skin. It's only by sniffing an application area that one is able to enjoy this sensual aspect of its development.

But from a distance, the unified accords are extremely similar to the aroma of benzoin or unlit strips of Papiers d'Arménie. Its creamy and resinous attributes are meditative, velvety and enchanting – as the liquorice, aniseed and myrrh continue to contribute towards an ambery aura of enigmatic serenity (that's nowhere near as smoky or leathery as one was initially led to believe).

In contrast to its siblings, its sillage is much better with ample longevity of about six hours. But while its overall quality is impressive, one wished that the sinister aroma closer to the skin was significantly perceptible from afar. Yet if one had to own just one offering by Huitième Art Parfums, it would most certainly be this.