Tabacca by Costamor

Year: 2009

Notes: apple peel, spices, rose tea, jasmine, tobacco leaf, rare woods, amber
For a tobacco fragrance, the star accord is initially buried beneath a sweet and dense mélange of apple, spices and amber. During its initial development, there's also a predictable nod towards Hermès' Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé but the end result isn't as masterful.

When the tobacco finally reveals itself, as the apple and spices weaken in presence, it's musty with a subdued underlying crispness. The florals are non-intrusive but, by now, the sweetness has been tamed by a prominent smoky leathery aroma (leading one to conclude the presence of some labdanum).

Just like this house's other releases, it whizzes through both the top and mid notes to essentially reside on the drydown. Mild remnants of apple and tobacco are still discernible, but it's both the amber and woods (possibly consisting of cedar and sandalwood) that provide the main foundation for any lingering traces.

With acceptable projection and great longevity, those seeking a tobacco scent with some 'cojones' should look elsewhere. Personally, it's a reasonable creation that could have been quite outstanding if some extra time and thought had been invested.