Pentachord Verdant by Tauer Perfumes

Year: 2011

Notes: dark green leaves, soil, tobacco, leather, ambergris

Comment: Pentachord Verdant is part of the Pentachords Collection

At first, one was rather impressed with Pentachord Verdant as it starts off like a modernised version of Sisley's Eau de Champagne. However, the vegetal green accord disappointingly surrenders to the pungency of a murky soil aroma. If that wasn't bad enough, the impending leather and tobacco are generously sweetened with some ambergris – resulting in a syrupy sweet drydown being at complete odds with its promising opening.

It's not an easy one to categorise but it also isn't overtly synthetic-smelling. One only wished that its astringent greenness persisted for much longer. Personally, it would have been better if either the leather or tobacco had been replaced by some galbanum, and the ambergris substituted for a more complementary vetiver tone.

With just five synthetic components employed, one wonders if the price tag for this line is sufficiently justified. While it may have been a challenge to compose a fragrance using a self-restricted number of accords, both its structure and artistry are still rather underwhelming. But, on a positive note, it's the most tenacious of the three Pentachords with substantial sillage.