Pentachord Auburn by Tauer Perfumes

Year: 2011

Notes: citrus, cinnamon, tobacco, sandalwood, ambergris

Comment: Pentachord Auburn is part of the Pentachords Collection

There was once a time when Andy Tauer owned only one line of fragrances and released about two creations a year. Those were the days when, even if it failed to leave a positive impression, the advent of a new Tauer scent was still a potentially exciting prospect in itself.

Fast forward to 2011 and his Pentachord Collection has just been launched – now making a grand total of four fragrance lines, with the previous one only being unveiled several months prior (the Zeta fronted Collectibles). In retrospect, one yearns for the period when this house progressed at a much steadier pace and the hits greatly outnumbered the misses...

Out of the initial three Pentachords released (the other two being Pentachord White and Pentachord Verdant), Pentachord Auburn verges closest to Andy's pre-2008 offerings. With an effervescent woody-amber foundation, comparable to Incense Extrême and Incense Rosé, it's a synthetic spicy mess with most of the notes drowned out by an overwhelmingly artificial aroma.

Ironically, it's also the worst Pentachord so far – it's linear, nauseating to wear and absolutely abysmal.