Pyrgos by Sigilli

Year: unknown

Notes: bergamot, orange, oregano, aniseed, cinnamon, fennel, lavender
Pyrgos is the name of an ancient harbour, situated on the island of Cyprus, which was important for the trading of essential oils. This fragrance is based on the traces of mixed essential oils found in either an ancient Greek pottery vessel (askos) or a vase-shaped ceramic container (amphorae) at an archaeological site.

Opening with a pungent blast of kitchen herbs, there's a strong emphasis initially placed on both the fennel and oregano, before a spicy-fougère drydown gradually ensues (consisting of aniseed, cinnamon and lavender). As for the citrus accords, they gently weave in and out of the composition during the first half its lifespan.

While lacking a substantial base, as well as performing close to the skin, it isn't as long-lasting as other Sigilli creations. Although one has no personal desire to wear it, Pyrgos represents an important historical artefact in the evolution of perfumery.