Pot-Pourri by Santa Maria Novella

Year: 1828

Notes: berries, eucalyptus, clove, leaves, flowers, grass, resins
Pot-Pourri is a weird and wonderful aromatic offering, mainly consisting of dried fruits, spices and florals, which requires a few wearings in order to be fully understood.

With a eucalyptus and boozy opening, it smells rather old-fashioned at first but gradually softens and sweetens over time. As it progresses, its aroma develops into something more contemporary than its off-putting opening. Possessing a sweet resinous base, the peppery clove and dusty rose remain the most evident accords until its final lingering traces on the skin.

While full-bodied, it's also a complex and equally compelling fragrance. Furthermore, for an Eau de Cologne, its sillage and lasting power are both impressively rich and substantial. Even though it's taken some time to fully appreciate its charms, it's now among one's personal top ten Santa Maria Novella creations.