Fleur Nocturne by Isabey

Year: 2009

Notes: mandarin, white peach, apricot blossom, magnolia, jasmine, gardenia, solar notes, vanilla, patchouli
Formerly released as Bleu de Chine in 1925, chances of Fleur Nocturne's contemporary nature being true to its former incarnation are very slim. Instead, it's a modern fruity white floral that's noticeably louder than its sibling, Gardenia, but just as well-blended and sophisticated.

The opening of mandarin and peach is sweet, juicy and surprisingly well-behaved, providing an uplifting contrast to Gardenia's more sombre traits. As it develops, the fruit notes gradually recede, allowing a fragrant bouquet of florals to unfurl. As for the base, the vanilla is never overbearing while the patchouli accord offers a more unisex perspective.

Like being caught up in a ménage à trois, one is unable (or simply unwilling) to decide between Fleur Nocturne and Gardenia. However, with Fleur Nocturne being more tenacious and gender neutral, one naturally feels more drawn to it...