Eau de Sisley 1 by Sisley

Year: 2009

Notes: green mandarin, grapefruit, pink pepper, juniper berry, spices, green tea, jasmine water, patchouli, musk
Three years after the release of Soir de Lune, Sisley launched three Eau de Sisley fragrances to appeal to a younger target audience. Loosely based on the legacy of Eau de Campagne, these are also in Eau de Toilette concentration but that's pretty much were the similarities end.

Basically, Eau de Sisley 1 is a lighter version of Eau du Soir, with a less substantial heart and base. It's crisp, invigorating and not too sweet, with the citrus, pepper and spices supporting a prominent juniper accord (and if you compare the notes of both, you will notice the obvious parallels). However, the mid notes of jasmine water and green tea are much lighter than Eau du Soir's subtle floral heart, and its clean patchouli and musk drydown is noticeably transparent.

With longevity of three hours, based on a liberal application, its ethereal performance is best suited for warmer weather. As always with this house, it's an interesting and high-quality composition that complements Sisley's heritage. But, based on the fact that a 100ml bottle of Eau de Sisley 1 costs roughly as much as a 50ml bottle of Eau du Soir, one doesn't feel the slightest bit compelled to purchase a bottle.

With a 16-year gap punctuating their first three scents, one feels Sisley needs to slow down and resist keeping up with the Joneses, in order not to tarnish its respectable reputation.