So Flowers by Montale

Year: 2010

Notes: rose, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, jasmine, iris, musk
Basically, So Flowers is a variation of Aoud Velvet (minus the oud and vanilla) and Velvet Flowers (Aoud Velvet without the... oud and vanilla) but, in this case, with the glaring absence of any sandalwood.

With a delicate peach accord being discernible, it's resolutely floral in quite an old-fashioned way. However, it's very difficult to phantom the relevance of this release, as the iris (which should have provided further distinction to the composition) is largely suppressed by the white florals.

Housed in a grotesque metallic pink bottle, both its lasting power and sillage are very much on par with the two aforementioned Montale creations that it's based on.

So Flowers?! More like, so been there before...