Bohea Bohème by Mona di Orio

Year: 2016

Notes: Italian bergamot, bay leaf, Sichuan pepper, smoked juniper berry, cardamom, fir balsam, boxtree, Bohea tea, geranium, blue chamomile, osmanthus, Florentine iris, Siam benzoin, vanilla, poplar bud, hay, oak, guaiac wood, sandalwood, beeswax

Comment: Bohea Bohème is part of the Monogram Collection
Attempting to capture the essence of Bohea tea (also known as Wuyi tea), Bohea Bohème is a smoky woody-aromatic that comfortably resides in the same ballpark as Violette Fumée.

Developed by Fredrik Dalman, one doesn't discern much tea in the composition, and any florals are completely overshadowed by the smoky, spicy, woody and balsamic aspects. The juniper berry, cardamom, fir balsam and geranium grant a slight greenness to the proceedings, while the benzoin, vanilla, poplar bud, hay and beeswax altogether bequeath a sweet and warm undertow.

However, after the initial blast, its performance on the skin is extremely soft with less than four hours longevity. Furthermore, for most of its duration, the composite aroma is more akin to charred juniper berry and fenugreek. Personally, one would have preferred it to be stronger, and for the spicy and smoky attributes to be much more commanding.

Overall, it's an interesting fragrance, which severely fails to live up to the accompanying press release. If it was richer and lived up to one's original expectations, it would have received at least an extra star.