Musc Impérial by Atelier Cologne

Year: 2015

Notes: Calabrian bergamot, blackcurrant, Spanish clary sage, Andalusian fig, lavender from Provence, leather, Virginian cedar, Indian ambrette seed

Comment: Musc Impérial is part of the Collection Les Exclusives
Originally commissioned as the signature scent for the Majestic Hotel & Spa, in Barcelona, Musc Impérial is a fresh and sparkling rendition of plant musk.

It's essentially a clean and vibrant musk offering, with a suggestive aquatic freshness. In the opening, the fruits are subdued and accompanied by a creamy fig accord. With a smooth and velvety demeanour, the lavender is almost apologetic with its presence and the leather is ever so slight.

But the star of the show is the ambrette musk, with its slightly sweet and nutty musk properties. With a hint of cedar, towards the drydown, the composition continues to exude a fresh woody-musk creaminess until the very end. Staying close to the skin, it continues to endure for around five hours.

Although one isn't a fan of white musk fragrances, Musc Impérial is still a reasonable effort, albeit conservative and too safe. Maybe if the base had something edgy or animalic, one might have appreciated it more.