Patchouli by Mazzolari

Year: 2006

Notes: spices, honey, amber, Indonesian patchouli
Yet again, another Italian niche house has released a great patchouli fragrance that further spoils the insatiable perfume aficionado for choice.

Patchouli is remarkably well-composed, and augmented by honeyed golden amber and a touch of spices. With a boozy undercurrent, it doesn't possess the atypical earthy or damp facets that one normally associates with patchouli scents. Instead, it's sweeter and more seductive, while never threatening to overwhelm or develop into something tooth-achingly sweet.

In contrast to Mazzolari's other patchouli-themed offering, Lui, its construction isn't particularly complex but, on the other hand, it's more tenacious and offers satisfying sillage. Personally, one has more of a bias towards the sultry demeanour of Profumum's Patchouly, but this Mazzolari creation is most certainly among the best of its kind to have emerged from the world of niche perfumery.