Smeraldo by Sylvaine Delacourte

Year: 2016

Notes: yuzu, lime, pear, angelica root, cedar leaf, hawthorn, Bulgarian rose, mastic, Haitian vetiver, white musk
The original intention for Smeraldo was to be "both detoxifying and purifying, like the fresh air in the morning..." The problem is, it smells more like a cheap fruity-green candle, made with paraffin and synthetic fragrance oils. Oh, the irony...

The combination of pear and angelica root is rather hideous, and Sylvaine's far-fetched claim of verdant purity is laughable at best. Furthermore, something so brazenly artificial being compared to fresh morning air leaves one completely perplexed.

The sad thing is, no amount of marketing bullshit can disguise the fact that it's a clinical abomination, which is best avoided at all costs.