Mojave Ghost by Byredo

Year: 2014

Notes: Jamaican naseberry, ambrette seed, violet, magnolia, amber, cedar, sandalwood, Chantilly musk
Once again, Byredo reminds the world just how mediocre its so-called niche creations are.

Inspired by the Ghost Flower, which grows in the Mojave, Sonoran and Colorado Deserts, Mojave Ghost initially lives up to Byredo's description of an arid desert – with a sparse, minimal and slightly fruity opening, alongside wispy violet nuances.

But the fruitiness continues to intensify, becoming progressively greyer and more synthetic over time. After the first hour, it smells like a cheap-smelling knock-off designer scent, and continues that way until the very end of its pathetically worthless lifespan.

Preforming very close to this skin, it's a complete abomination and leaves one puzzled as to why this house is still in business (let alone considered high-quality niche).