Blamage by Nasomatto

Year: 2014

Notes: spices, smoky notes, balmy notes, woods
Blamage is the tenth and, thankfully, final release from Nasomatto.

Again composed by Alessandro Gualtieri, it's described as "an unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgement and care" by "making real mistakes and using coincidence". As always with this house, the Richter scale for pretentiousness oscillates wildly...

Blamage isn't a dark or intensely masculine affair but, characteristically, follows in the footsteps of China White and Silver Musk. One is unable to detect anything smoky about it, but there's certainly a subdued jammy floral core that accompanies the spices. Also, the woods are soft and translucent.

As it stands, it's mellow, lasts exceptionally well and provides little sillage. Yet, based on how it smells, it does come across as a somewhat unfinished Sospiro imitation, which isn't the greatest way to bring Nasomatto to a close. And while it may disappoint some existing fans of this house, it probably won't win over many new ones either. So much for the "drive for perfection".

RIP Nasomatto.