Rume by Slumberhouse

Year: 2011

Notes: mulled fruits, bay leaf, allspice, cola, hazelnut, praline, myrrh, labdanum, hay, clay
Since its inception, in 2008, Slumberhouse's inconsistencies have been baffling. The frequent discontinuations and exclusive limited editions, the numerous batch variations, the constant bottle design changes, and the lack of information for potential buyers are some of the objections one has about this niche house.

One can only assume that its founder, Josh Lobb, lacks not only the will to establish a long-term artistic vision for his company, but to also ensure that there's a reasonable level of consistency with every batch of the same release. Thinking about it now, there's no other fragrance house that has been so annoying in these areas. And although Josh has clearly stated a disinterest in uniformity, it does throw into question his consideration for the general public (and just printing a batch code, on all bottles and samples, would have been sufficient).

As for the offerings themselves, they often fail to live up to the glowing reports. Take Rume – a syrupy fragrance with lashings of rum, spices, cola, myrrh and labdanum. Once again, there's a blatant Serge Lutens influence, with Arabie being the closest point of comparison. But Rume lacks both the complexity and density of Arabie – smelling like davana essential oil one moment and Yves Saint Laurent's Opium pour Homme the next.

Although it's probably more natural than its sources of inspiration, Rume is still very unoriginal. With moderate projection and good longevity, it's another unimpressive misstep that only heightens one's personal grievances with the Slumberhouse philosophy.

Disclaimer: Since some Slumberhouse releases are always being 'improved', and with various formulations of the same fragrance in existence, this review is based on the sample(s) received. Due to the lack of information about these reformulations, one is unable to confirm the actual formulation(s) that has/have been reviewed. As a result, your experience of this fragrance may greatly differ. Understandably, it's all very confusing.