Carticasi by Testa Maura

Year: 2008

Notes: mastic, galbanum, rose, ylang-ylang, cedar

Comment: Carticasi is part of the Bucolica Collection

Carticasi is the name of the village where perfumer Xavier Torre's mother was born.

It's a splendid woody-green offering – with the cut grass aroma of the mastic, the deep astringent greenness of the galbanum and the soft rose undertones all in unison. Overall, the composition is very well-balanced and the accords complement each other remarkably. The ylang-ylang is rather discreet but a slightly gritty woody base emerges after a while.

Although the opening is both strong and impressive, it runs out of steam way too early in its development. This is a real shame as, with some tweaking, it could have potentially been a good green-chypré, somewhere along the lines of Jacomo's Silences. Sadly, for an Eau de Parfum, it's severely lacking.