Aleria by Testa Maura

Year: 2008

Notes: bergamot, citron, orange, mandarin, myrtle, ylang-ylang, beeswax, cedar, woods, sandalwood

Comment: Aleria is part of the Bucolica Collection

Composed as an ode to the orchards in the Corsican region of the same name, Aleria is a woody-citrus offering that initially tantalises the senses. Sadly, it lacks the backbone to see things through to the very end.

Boasting an array of citruses, one discerns a strong presence of either litsea cubeba or lemongrass. Combined with the myrtle, there's an undeniable aromatic flair present but the ylang-ylang is virtually undetectable. As the aromatic aspect wears off, a beeswax nuance joins the fray – tenderly tempering a dominant woody foundation, which largely consists of cedar.

While it smells completely natural, there's nothing innovative about it at all. Plus, its lasting power is extremely poor for an Eau de Parfum.