Hymba by Sigilli

Year: 2012

Notes: citrus, myrtle, vanilla, milk, omumbiri, birch, cedar, sandalwood, ambergris
"Himba is the name given to a semi-nomadic population living in the deserts of northern Namibia... The Himba women extract a particular resin, called omumbiri, from a plant that originates in that area... They mix this with butter and red soil to make a compound, which they rub on their bodies..."

Hymbra is a wonderfully resinous woody-gourmand, with velvety milky undertones. Interestingly, it's also one of those few occasions where the description of the fragrance matches one's olfactory perception of it.

Both the citrus and myrtle are fleeting but leave a lasting impression, as a milky resinous heart unfolds against a woody backdrop. With omumbiri being the star accord, it emits a gentle yet fine spicy nuance, while discreet traces of vanilla weave throughout. Overall, it never becomes too earthy but, instead, transforms into something lighter and brighter. During the drydown, both the cedar and sandalwood are buttery, sweet and powdery.

With moderate projection and respectable longevity, one views Hymba as the male counterpart to Volumna. It's also one of the more rewarding offerings from this house.