Luberon by Maria Candida Gentile

Year: 2012

Notes: mint, herbs, Mediterranean lavender, Rose de Mai, oakmoss

Comment: Luberon is part of the Exclusive Collection

"Luberon is a composition, which comes directly from the natural valleys of the south of France in spring."

     ~ Maria Candida Gentile

Luberon opens with a strong, sweet and yet gracious lavender chord (with a possible touch of citrus to sharpen the clarity of the lavender). And although the herbaceous aspect imparts a green facet, this doesn't necessarily detract from the lavender itself. By the mid stage, an unobtrusive rose liaises with the lavender but never strays too far from its aromatic status.

Upon further musings, there's definitely some iris present (even though it's not officially listed), which provides a powdery drydown that's sweet and slightly creamy. And while both the rose and iris interact with each other, its sensual core suggests an intriguing cross between the nuclei of Exultat and Sideris.

As the iris increases in stature, the oakmoss slowly emerges but remains demure with a hay-like aura. There's also a slight caramel sweetness that pervades during the drydown (at a guess, possibly tonka bean). With soft smoky swirls faintly emanating from an earthy-green canvas, the finale is serene, enigmatic and debonair.

It's a multi-faceted and gloriously composed fougère, which is resolutely masterful and effortless in its olfactory demonstration of modern suavity. As a verdant aromatic wonder, it demands analysis so that it's appreciated to the fullest. With very good longevity, its sillage is more than adequate for a parfum extrait.

Out of the four exclusive offerings, Luberon is undoubtedly the personal favourite. Furthermore, it deserves to be touted as an opulent 21st century version of Caron's Caron pour Homme.