Classic Vetiver by Von Eusersdorff

Year: 2011

Notes: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, elemi, pepper, geranium, vetiver, black patchouli, cedar
Envisage a more natural-smelling alternative to Hermès' Terre d'Hermès, or a pared down alternative to Hermès' Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka (but without the lovely combination of tonka bean, praline and hazelnut), and you'll be extremely close to having some idea of what Classic Vetiver smells like.

However, looking at the listed notes, the composition is eerily similar to Montale's Red Vetyver – it even smells almost identical (albeit not as rich). With both Hermès' and Montale having already cornered the peppery-citrus Haitian vetiver market, Classic Vetiver simply comes across as a contrived and redundant release.

Based on Camille Henfling's past family tradition in apothecary, one would have expected a grittier and earthier rendition of vetiver instead. Though, with moderate projection, it does possess reasonable tenacity.