Vanilla Coconut by Susanne Lang

Year: 2003

Notes: pineapple, coconut, fig leaf, red ginger, Tahitian vanilla
After sampling the offerings by Canadian perfumer Susanne Lang, it has become very clear that she represents the worst about niche perfumery – amateurish, synthetic and pubescent olfactory statements, steeped deep in manipulative marketing drivel. Sadly, Vanilla Coconut does nothing to alleviate such a stern conclusion.

Youthful and playful this tropical vanilla effort most certainly is, yet it's also devoid of any class, complexity and substance. The majority of the components are clearly on display but there's no discernible quality in the notes employed. Furthermore, its sweetness isn't too overbearing but its saccharine nuances most certainly are.

Overall, it's a predictable composition, cheaply made but with a higher price tag than it naturally [pun intended] deserves. Even though Midnight Orchid is a marginal improvement, the fact remains that this is a budget-priced fragrance house masquerading as something that it's not.

The emperor's new clothes indeed...