Black Purple / Dark Purple by Montale

Year: 2011

Notes: orange, plum, red fruits, Bourbon geranium, rose, patchouli, teak wood, ambergris, white musk
For some inexplicably weird reason, Montale has decided to release this creation with two names: Dark Purple and Black Purple. Confused? Well, join the club...

Smelling like a pared down version of Olivier Durbano's Pink Quartz, in addition to possessing a similar piercing rosiness to Montale's very own Roses Musk (but with the inclusion of fruits and woods for added depth), this is further confirmation that this once exciting niche house has completely run out of ideas.

If you're looking for a more fully fleshed version of Roses Musk, Black Purple / Dark Purple might appeal. Other than that, it's yet another old Montale composition that's been regurgitated with a new label... or two.

Pierre, a long creative sabbatical is well overdue...