Exultat by Maria Candida Gentile

Year: 2009

Notes: Brazilian lime and bitter orange, Sicilian orange, Somali frankincense, violet leaf, violet, antique linen accord, Haitian vetiver, Texan cedar, precious woods

Comment: Exultat is part of the Classic Collection

The story behind Exultat goes something like this: Maria discovered an antique family trunk, containing unused precious linen. The scent from the wood and fabric resonated with her, thus inspiring her to recreate it...

Suitably described as "full of softness and serenity", it's an exhilaratingly beautiful combination of frankincense and violet, with the citrus barely noticeable. Exuding sophistication, it's milky, silky smooth and ethereal, while still relatively substantial. The sweetness is well-proportioned, it's powdery but not overbearingly so, and one is often left convinced that the composition harbours a discreet serving of iris.

The violet leaf periodically hints at an impending woody-green drydown, but never rudely imposes itself onto the wearer. During such time, one can almost envisage the enchanting aroma the perfumer first encountered upon opening that very trunk. With base notes of precious woods, vetiver and cedar, any further development occurs at a leisurely pace, until a vegetal aroma signals an earthbound epilogue.

Interestingly, one gets the impression that Maria doesn't always adhere to the classical pyramid structure. This may explain why sometimes the heart of her fragrances is reached almost immediately. With very good lasting power, its sillage isn't loud but still works exceedingly well on a conceptual level.

It's breathtakingly exquisite and provocative, and is one of her best creations so far.