Athunis by Sigilli

Year: unknown

Notes: cedar, Javanese vetiver, musk
Named after the Etruscan god of beauty (and supposedly an olfactory replication of the aroma of burning wood and resins in ancient temples), Athunis is a smoky vetiver and cedar composition, which begins with a pungent blast of alcohol before the star accords emerge and intermingle with each other.

Coupled with a prim musk base, it would appeal to those who found Profumum's Fumidus both unwearable and too hardcore. However, its simplicity makes this dark and earthy woody offering somewhat redundant – there's a dearth of originality or distinction, it fails to encapsulate the resinous aspect of its conceptual theme, and its moderate sillage and average longevity both leave very little to be desired.

It's reasonably well-composed but one can't help thinking that there are numerous alternatives available, which are either cheaper to acquire or more interesting to wear.