Orange Star by Tauer Perfumes

Year: 2010

Notes: clementine, red mandarin, lemongrass, orange blossom, violet, vanilla, patchouli, soft woods, ambreine, ambergris

Comment: Orange Star is part of the Classics Collection

Taking into account that two of the last three offerings by Tauer Perfumes consisted of clementine (i.e. Incense Rosé and Une Rose Chyprée), one was hoping Andy Tauer had conquered his clementine fixation, which was rapidly making his newer creations both tiresome and predictable. Much to one's annoyance, the name Orange Star states otherwise and here we have his personal take on citrus.

Where the previous two aforementioned releases came across as a variation of each other, Orange Star smells like a less green (and yet watered-down) version of Une Rose Chyprée, with the odd necessary tweak (such as the omission of geranium and oakmoss) and accord switch (replacing the rose with violet).

Personally, one is left very unimpressed with this soapy and grapefruit-smelling creation, where the lemongrass accord outstays its welcome. In addition, the woody vanilla drydown, while quite pleasant, is lifeless and further highlights a sense of artisanal stagnation.

With good longevity and moderate sillage, the composition greatly suffers from the knowledge that the perfumer has explored this olfactory path once too many times already – too often that the tarmac is in some dire need of re-tarring.

Andy, no more clementine, please!