Incense Extrême by Tauer Perfumes

Year: 2008

Notes: petitgrain, coriander, spices, orange leaf, frankincense, powdery orris, cedar, ambergris

Comment: Incense Extrême is part of the Classics Collection

Incense scents are usually difficult to fully appreciate, whether it's due to an overdose of synthetic molecules or a hollow sensation of incompleteness. With Incense Extrême, Andy Tauer has composed a minimalist incense fragrance, using a very high concentration of frankincense extract to impressive effect.

Coming across as slightly dry, it's not ethereal or even strictly reminiscent of church frankincense. Instead, it's bright, mentholated and clean, with a complementary cedar drydown. One is unable to detect any orris but can only conclude that its supporting role is just as important as the presence of ambergris.

While one is still quite disappointed that it isn't as pungent, spicy or mysterious as originally hoped, its natural and well-blended aroma should still be commended. With impressive longevity and minimal sillage, its nuances are probably best acquainted with during the warmer months.

Although many have sung the praises of Avignon by Comme des Garçons, Incense Extrême firmly places itself as a more natural, and longer lasting, alternative. If only it possessed more sensual and dark facets, one would have purchased a bottle without any hesitation. However, regardless of such reservations, one still regards it as a highly respectable incense creation.