Vetiver des Sables by Montale

Year: unknown

Notes: iodine, Indian spices, mahogany, vetiver
Vetiver des Sables is, supposedly, a vetiver fragrance based on the root of wild vetiver. However, upon smelling it, one is left rather bewildered. Granted, it's an extremely easy to wear vetiver but, at the same time, there isn't really a noticeable amount of vetiver present.

Instead, it's an aquatic consisting of citrus, eucalyptus and a generous serving of spices, but it seems that the salty, spicy and minty properties have completely overwhelmed whatever vetiver there is. With an opening burst of iodine, which is largely responsible for the salty accord, it's both clean and fresh but ends up smelling far too refined for its own good. Personally, further emphasis on the earthy properties of the vetiver, would have greatly improved the composition.

With disappointing lasting power, it can't seriously be considered a hardcore vetiver scent by any stretch of the imagination. But those with an interest in an aromatic-vetiver fragrance, which is devoid of any soapiness, could greatly benefit by giving this relatively light Montale offering a chance.