Baraonda by Nasomatto

Year: 2016

Notes: whiskey lactone, phenyl ethanol, ambroxan, ambrettolide, exaltolide, muscone
"Blamage is the final fragrance for the Nasomatto line."

     ~ Basenotes, March 2014

It was only three years ago when founder and perfumer, Alessandro Gualtieri, announced that Nasomatto was dead. Upon the launch of Nasomatto's tenth fragrance, Blamage, Alessandro had already turned his attention to his new line, Orto Parisi. Unfortunately, Orto Parisi hasn't been as successful as his previous brand. So, in 2016, Alessandro returned with his tail between his legs, acted as if the last couple of years didn't happen and revived the Nasomatto brand with an eleventh release, Baraonda. Ooookay...

Stylistically, Baraonda is very different from previous Nasomatto creations (especially the more popular ones). Consisting mainly of aroma chemicals, it's more of a creamy and slightly boozy rose offering, as opposed to a dark woody or resinous affair, with a diverse (and synthetic) musk cocktail foundation.

One didn't find the opening too spirituous and considered it to be rather mild. With a sweetness reminiscent of stewed apples and raisins, a creamy oak woodiness interacts with the aforementioned ambery fruitiness. The rose (or phenyl ethanol) isn't as prominent as expected but is still discernible. However, there's an underlining charred caramel aroma, for the most part, which doesn't really work in the composition's favour.

In conclusion, Baraonda strives to pass itself off as the second coming when, in reality, it's nothing more than a translucent, linear and underwhelming stylistic tribute to some of Slumberhouse's lighter fragrances. Lacking in any depth and lacklustre in its general execution, maybe Alessandro's next pretentious promo video should be of him eating his own words... with a side order of egg on face.

Both projection and longevity are respectable, but nothing astounding.