L'Enfant Terrible by Jovoy

Year: 2011

Notes: orange, coriander, nutmeg, cumin, dates, cedar, sandalwood, musk
L'Enfant Terrible is a spicy-woody effort, composed by Jacques Flori. However, it tends to wear it influence too obviously on its sleeve.

While L'Enfant Terrible could be accused of being a Féminité du Bois clone, there are some distinct differences between the two. Firstly, L'Enfant Terrible comes across as more masculine, without a floral leaning. Secondly, the spices used are rather different – Féminité du Bois incorporates ginger, cinnamon and clove, while L'Enfant Terrible uses nutmeg and cumin (spiked with a touch of coriander). Thirdly, while both possess a fruity opening, L'Enfant Terrible lacks the plum accord that makes Féminité du Bois so distinctive – instead employing dates that contribute towards a drier woody affair.

On the whole, L'Enfant Terrible is less rich and syrupy than the original formulation of Féminité du Bois, with a starker and more austere woody demeanour (and one can also detect hints of iris during the drydown). There's also far less evidence of any Iso E Super, which was so masterfully integrated in Féminité du Bois. And while L'Enfant Terrible is better than the reformulated Féminité du Bois, it still fails to match the plum-infused woody allure of the highly-regarded Shiseido version.

Sillage is discreet, with below average staying power.