Les Jeux sont Faits by Jovoy

Year: 2012

Notes: petitgrain, rum, cognac, gin, dried fruits, cumin, angelica, tobacco leaf, labdanum, patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood
With Dorothée Piot as perfumer, Les Jeux sont Faits is a warm woody tobacco affair, embellished with spices, boozy accords, resins and dried fruits.

The opening is slightly green and aromatic, as the boozy notes quickly enter the fray, soon followed by some cumin. As it further develops, the spicy aspect intensifies and a leathery leaning becomes discernible. By this point, the rum, cognac and gin are more subdued, with the fruits firmly in the background and a blond tobacco accord gradually emerging.

Both the vanilla and labdanum lend an ambery sweetness to the proceedings, accentuating the warm richness of the tobacco. As it approaches the drydown, the patchouli pervades a woody dimension, complementing the composition's mid notes. During its final moments, what remains are soft dusty traces of patchouli, labdanum, vanilla and sandalwood.

Possessing a Lutens-esque vibe, it's a pleasant fragrance that's missing that special something to elevate it to the level of greatness it aspires to. With minimal projection and longevity of around six hours, it's still a release worth investigating.