Ta'if Rose by Montale

Year: unknown

Notes: citronella, Egyptian geranium, whole Damascus roses, civet
Previously known as Purple Rose, Ta'if Rose is very similar to Serge Lutens' Sa Majesté la Rose, in that it's an evocative interpretation of rose with a prominent green aura. However, Ta'if Rose ups the ante by putting further emphasis on the fragrant verdancy of blooming roses.

According to Pierre Montale, it's a fragrance with every part of the rose added to the composition – the petals, buds, stems, branches, leaves and thorns. As a result, it's densely green rather than a romantic floral creation. So dense are the green notes that even acknowledging it as a rose scent, first and foremost, isn't an easy task (and the body odour aroma, courtesy of the civet, doesn't help matters either).

And that's the problem with it – those other aspects of the rose, coupled with both the geranium and citronella, create an overpowering green elixir that's far too pungent for one to fully enjoy. It's simply Sa Majesté la Rose crudely overdone, with less sillage and longevity.